Café Review: Taste Baguette

Exciting news, fellow caffeine compatriots! There’s a new café in the Menzies building, and it’s everything we’ve all been dreaming of. No longer do we need to fight crowds in the campus centre for our daily caffeination. Gone are the days of waiting half an hour for your coffee at Artichoke, or stumbling about in foreign parts of campus in search of Cinque Lire! In fact, lucky Arts students can arrive in the bus loop and grab a coffee on the way to classes in the Menzies almost without breaking stride.

The new café, Taste Baguette, serves absolutely fantastic coffee which can be accompanied by an assortment of delicious pastries, brownies, macarons, as well as an impressive menu of baguettes. Soymilk connoisseurs will be pleased to learn that they also serve Bonsoy.

However, do not let your joy come without some misgivings. For now, the café is mostly undiscovered, and has only seen the quieter times of exam and holiday periods. Once semester starts, I suspect there will be queues filling the foyer of the Menzies, which is terrible news if you’re planning on nipping down for your strong ¾ soy latte in-between classes.

We can only wait and hope!

Rebecca Irvine

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