Gig Review: Bob Dylan Tribute Night

The Palais, 6th June 2012.

Bob Dylan is an icon of his times, and his songs are an exquisite exploration of the human condition. Hope, heartbreak, rebellion and a craving for change are lucidly explored, and at the Palais were vibrantly brought to life by five young Australian musicians who were just children when Dylan first made his mark on the musical world. Josh Pike, Holly Throsby, Patience Hodgson, Kevin Mitchell and Kav Temperley grooved their way through a tribute to the great man; the ability of each of these diverse artists to tap into and often beautifully interpret Dylan’s work was evidence that, although Dylan was a one man phenomenon, his songs are ultimately about relationships between people. Whilst political sentiment has changed since Dylan’s prime, his lyrics and sound are enduringly popular and, perhaps, a reminder of what music and social consciousness should be.

Amy Tanner

The author Amy Tanner

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