The Holiday Affair

It is a widely accepted fact that 98.74% of real life relationships do not play out the same way as those portrayed in romantic comedies, mainly because they happen in real life. When you’re travelling though, real life ceases to exist. Reality becomes a magical dream land where every day is filled with adventure, drinking alcohol before noon is entirely appropriate, and if you’re somewhere tropical, ridiculously good looking people are wearing ridiculously little. This is the perfect climate to dabble in a casual romantic pursuit or two. But don’t let the word casual fool you! These affairs often become bona fide Hollywood romances, complete with we-literally-just-met-but-I-think-I-love-you sequences, dramatic kisses in the middle of the warm ocean at 3am and glorious, bed breaking sex.

There are a couple of reasons a casual holiday fling can become such an intense affair. Time, or lack thereof, plays a critical role. You have to operate on a completely different time frame, as a matter of  urgency. If you don’t, the opportunity will vanish right before your eyes. Normally wait three weeks before you sleep with someone? Make that three hours on holidays. THIS SHIT IS URGENT, GODDAMIT!  The gorgeous, European creature you just met is about to disappear from your life! You must kiss/bed them right now or you will beat yourself up about it forever. And really, is there any better aphrodisiac than knowing that the other person must have you this very second, or they will live to regret it for the rest of their lives? I think not.

We can afford to act with such unbridled passion because while travelling, we become completely new people. Gone is the old, highly strung, obsessive you. You’re a citizen of the world now! A free spirit, roaming the earth, sharing the love! Gone too are the constraints of real life. Can’t take anyone home in Melbourne because the idea of your parents finding you with a naked person in your bed makes you feel nauseous? Not an issue on holidays! Just take them back to your hotel room! Anything is possible in this magical dream land!

But the real reason holiday romances are the closest one can ever get to on-screen love is because they end before real life shit (busy schedules, third parties, flatulence problems) can get in the way. No complications, no hard feelings, you just both have to move on to your next destination. The drama doesn’t have to end here though. In your head, you can believe that the only thing keeping you apart is distance. One day, you will be miraculously reunited and it will be the greatest love story of all time, worthy of a Nicholas Sparks novel better than The Notebook.

You never know, it could happen. But at the very least, it’ll give you something to daydream about in the entire semester of classes that lie ahead of you.

Reality sucks.

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