Gig Review: Jinja Safari

Hi-Fi Bar, August 10

The Hi-Fi Bar became a haze of hair wreaths, floral prints and ponchos, with Jinja Safari’s fans embracing every aspect of the jungle-inspired music they had come to see. With the anticipation building for the Sydney-based packet of energy, the front row positions were claimed quickly and early. Jinja Safari’s on-stage presence can’t be described as anything less than infectious. Hanging from the lighting or standing on drums and amps, these boys know how to create a party atmosphere – even if it did verge slightly into overkill. Don’t let stage antics fool you into thinking they lack any musical ability, though. Performances of Peter Pan, Toothless Grin and a cracking rendition of Mermaid were brought to life by a group that genuinely seems to love performing. With no premeditated encore (and kudos to the band for that) they may have left the crowd wanting more, but definitely did not leave them disappointed.

Pia Salvatore

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