Top 5 Songs About Democracy

Leonard Cohen – Democracy

Who better to sing about democracy than one of the world’s finest songwriters? With all the sentimentality he is famed for, Leonard Cohen knows how to speak about freedom.

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

Big hair, big make-up and big costumes, these guys knew how to do it. They also knew how to get a message into their songs.

Public Enemy – Fight the Power

At the request of Spike Lee, Public Enemy came out with a pretty cracking song against the ‘powers that be’. While it might be quite time specific, i.e. 1989, and it probably won’t be used at any political rallies anytime soon, you can still pump out this song at a party.

Bob Dylan – Times Are A Changing

Amongst all of his songs expressing some kind of dissatisfaction with the world, the one thing that Bob Dylan could be certain of was that times are always changing – or so this song goes.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

The title is pretty much to the point. Ask the questions and try to find the answers Marvin Gaye was after.

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