Student Health: October

I never quite understand why all major assignments are due in Week 12, when you’re tired, unmotivated and freaking out about your dodgy exam timetable.  Realistically, in order to study effectively, beat the stresses of this end of the Semester and save money – because you’ve bought a tall skinny flat white every day – you have to be organised. This edition I’ve provided a checklist to help you manage your psychological and physical health during the next couple of stressful weeks.

• Find out your exam timetable.

• Organise next month’s shifts so that they fit around exams and don’t leave yourself short of study time.

• Organize all your lecture notes, reading material and lab materials in one folder and flag any concepts that you are unsure of so that you can post on the discussion forum or talk to your tutor.

• Set up an area at home where you can study. Make sure there is plenty of natural sunlight and you have ample desk space to work on.


• Struggling to sleep?  Too much buzzing around in your head? Try placing some drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

• Make sure you know your own rhythm. Do you work better in the morning or at night?

• Make sure you take some time off and catch up with friends or do something that you enjoy.

• Eat as much fresh health food as possible.

• Eaten too many sugary and fatty foods and now feel bloated? Peppermint tea has been shown to relax the muscles which allow for gas to pass.

• Hungry all the time? Green tea is a natural form of appetite suppressant and tastes great too.

• Exercise. It’s great way to relieve stress and helps circulate blood around the body for optimal efficiency.

• Drink chamomile tea. It has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms.

• Wake up early on the day of your exam. If you have an exam at 9.30am at Caulfield don’t wake up at 9am, you will freak! Make sure you give yourself double the time it usually takes to get ready as something unexpected always comes up.

• Have confidence in yourself. Before you walk into the exam remind yourself that you have studied hard and you will be fine.

Once assignments and exams are over it is time to celebrate and have a well-earned break for three months. Soak in the summer, chill with your friends and bring on the new year – I know I’ll be making best friends with the beach. Enjoy!

Cat Poiani-Cordella

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