In Conversation With The Paper Kites

After a successful national tour of their ‘Young North’ EP last year The Paper Kites have returned with the launch of their new debut album, States, which is going to be publicly released on the August 30. I had the pleasure of having a chat with lead male vocalist, Sam Bentley, regarding the highly anticipated album. Not only an extremely talented musician but also a very friendly and insightful young lad, Bentley was more than happy to give me the lo-down on the ins and outs of the album and what’s to come of the tour.

States is a “Musical time capsule” of the mind intended to cover a diverse “range of feelings”, according to Bentley. With each new project, The Paper Kites push and drive new sounds and ideas and of course their iconic, ethereal and lyrically melodious music. Tim Coghill a composer and dear friend of Bentley’s helped develop this new sound, adding a “cinematic element” to many tracks on the album with a touch of brass and string instruments. Amongst this The Paper Kites have worked again with Wayne Connelly an esteemed producer who, without being overly assertive, helped develop each track on the album.

With the national tour commencing on Friday August 30the indie-folk band are “keen to get it out” and are exited to finally be able to “show what we (they) have worked on”. ‘St. Clarity’, the first single released off the album, was a mutual agreement as they felt it best represented the al­bum and was the “right introduction”. In addition, the tour will showcase all their latest hard work including their second single release ‘Young’ and ofcourse some favourites from their previous EP’s. Keep an eye out for States. It is one not to be missed!

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