In praise of free thinking

Ours is the age of constraints,

Where minds are locked behind bars.

Ours is the age of treachery,

Where education is the tool for slavery.


Defunding and privatization, like a two-headed serpent,

Has become the new order for the masters and their servants.

We are trapped inside the cycle of debt,

Where we pay for their follies until our death.


We feel the noose tighten around our throats

And yet, the minds sing the songs of hope.

Everyday our brains are decayed from mental slavery

While the thoughts are controlled for profit, for money.


They say they want relevant expertise,

But that means nothing but an empty promise.

They demand we show competitive edge,

But we think the bricks are laid for the cage.


They want efficiency in universities for the market,

As students and academics become their target

We think it is another aberration;

Let’s break free from this dissolution.

We pose this question to the free minds:

Has our education succumbed to might?

Let us sing in praise of freethinking, aloud.

We will never bow to the powerful who form dark clouds.











MD. Roysul Islam

The author MD. Roysul Islam

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