Clubs & Societies Extraordinary General Meeting Called

Clubs & Societies President Ben Zocco has tonight confirmed that an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 18. The sole item of business is the appeal of the Socialist Alternative club against their deregistration as an affiliated Monash Student Association club.

At the EGM, both the club and the C&S executive will have a chance to explain their actions and decisions to the C&S council, which is made up of representatives from each of Clayton’s 100+ clubs. The councilors then have the opportunity to question both the executive and the club representatives before voting on the future of Socialist Alternative Monash Clayton – whether that be upholding the decision of the executive, instating a different penalty or penalties or deciding that an act of misconduct did not in fact occur in this particular situation.

This comes  in the wake of a heated Monash Student Council meeting today, where Socialist Alternative members repeatedly spoke out against C&S’s actions, labeling them as an “attack on free speech”.

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