Everyone Loves a Quitter: how to break up with your lifelong dream

I’ve spent most of my life listening to people say “follow your dreams”. It’s everywhere from high school lectures to motivational Instagram accounts, but what no one ever told me was that sometimes that dreams turn out to be a complete nightmare. Realising the dream that you’ve spent your whole life pursuing is not as amazing as you thought is a unique type of disappointment. It seems like you’ve failed; you’ve given up on this “five-year plan” that you’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen. People say “no one likes a quitter” but sometimes quitting matters, sometimes dumping a dream means
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What’s New(s)

As an international relations and politics student, I picked up the habit of reading my daily copy of The Age to keep up with current events. I’ve always been a bit of a news snob, snubbing the Herald Sun for their biased articles, and paper selling attitude. The Age was perceived to me, to be the raw news, and the only paper in Melbourne that I could be sure would give me all the unbiased facts.  I was wrong. Papers need to sell. Papers need readers. Papers need an audience. This makes The Age no better than the Herald Sun. It is nigh impossible
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Men’s Mental Health, it’s a female issue too.

Two years ago, my brother passed away, suicide. The word sends shivers down my spine, and with it, a rumbling wave of emotions; primarily, confusion. Why did he feel the need to end his life? Was the love that his family and friends gave not enough? Did he think - even for one second - about the grieving people he would leave behind? These questions still haunt me. We are currently living in a crisis. A crisis where men and boys are confined and trapped by rigid gender stereotypes. Stereotypes which lead to poor mental health, depression, and suicide. From
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Listen Lot’s: What Your Editors are Listening to

Bart Lewis A little boy from Darwin went to a couple of medium music festivals in Melbourne (See: Groovin’ the Moo) and came out with a big appetite for electronic music, recommending the stylings of Cosmo’s Midnight and Lane 8. Maybe he takes one step up this year and goes to Earthcore? Annabelle Ballard If you know a local band, chances are AB knows their entire catalogue off by heart. She showed us feminism’s answer to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, aptly named Lizard Queen, as well as the queer pop band, Crystal Myth. Stop listening to those mainstream
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How Right is the Left?

The short commercial advertisement by Monash University called “Change it” became ammo for the Left vs Right debate, when it was released on 25 May 2018. It can be found easily by typing “Change It” on various social media channels like Youtube and Facebook. The advertisement appeared to disturb a hornet’s nest as one could see various articles being written about this clip be it on 3AW or a scathing piece by The Institute of Public Affairs, who went to the extent of calling Monash a “Marxist University”. Being an international student makes me a neutral party who is not that much
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Making Time for Mindfulness

We all know that feeling, walking out of the lecture theatre and realising you can’t remember a thing that’s happened in the last hour and a half. If you’re anything like me (I’m really hoping for your sake you’re not but if you are let’s be friends), instead of diligently note-taking and listening, you’ve been daydreaming about dinner and your hot date on Friday night (which is so not a weekly Greasesing-a-long on the couch with your dog). The good thing is we’re not alone, with studies suggesting our mind wanders for about 47% of the time. The even better
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Increased Indigenous Engagement in Tertiary Education  

As Indigenous enrolment in tertiary education continues to climb, issues which adversely affect the retention and potential enrolments of Indigenous students become even more apparent. A 2015 Charles Darwin University study found that from 2007 to 2013 there has been an increase of Indigenous enrolment in tertiary education, by 45 per cent. However, the study also reported a large disparity with completion rates, with indigenous students far more likely to dropout. The enrolment numbers continue to grow with Indigenous Bachelor of Science student at Monash University. One of the Indigenous Officers for the Monash Student Association (MSA) Krystal De Napoli said:
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“Unrepresentative Swill” Vote to Dump Duff

Harings Ghost
Few outside the LGBTQIA+ community or uninitiated into the Freudian slip that is student politics would have heard of Queer Collaborations conference (QC). As its name suggests, QC is a national conference for queer people, mainly attended by students. The conference has existed since 1991 and usually occurs in mid-July with at least 200 delegates in attendance from all across Australia. While conference registration is unrestricted, the majority of attendees are university students who are active members of their respective institutions' queer collectives or clubs. QC enables queer people from across Australia to engage in community building, work on campaigns
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10 drinks you can make with Goon and a little craftiness. 

Goon.   It’s not only an Australian classic but a budget-friendly, travel safe beverage. Because of this, it defaults as every student’s dream drink of choice, but for reasons unbeknownst to myself, it gets a bad rap.   Okay, maybe it’s because goon comes in bag form, where the eager mouths of reckless youths await its direct pour. Or maybe it’s because of the quality, taste, and texture the wine lacks itself. Either way, we have a solution.   With these goon-tastic recipes, you’re bound to up the street cred of our trusted mate goon, and perhaps even help it gain a few
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Student live tweets 3 hour Tutorial

Just Another Sleep Deprived Uni Student: @rip_rotunda2363 | 1:57 pm  Do I have time to grab a mango magic from @boostjuiceoz before my tute?    2:02 pm  Turns out, I did not.    2:04 pm I should really invest in a shirt with ‘Shows up 10 minutes late to class with a Boost’ on the front    2:06 pm  If only classes still started 5 past the hour I would have been on time …    2:09 pm  For the love of God why did I put up my hand when the tutor asked who HADN’T done the reading   
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Commuting to and from University: The Joyride 

How often have you sat on public transport on your way to university, surrounded by tens of people, only to stick your earphones in and block out the rest of the world? How often have you jumped on your bike in a total rush to make that lecture on time, only to completely miss out on the joy of the wind streaming through your hair? We are all guilty of unconscious blockage, where we tune in to our particular little station and forget that there is so much around us, and that’s okay, but sometimes we ought to take the
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Re: No lecture recordings or laptops in this unit 

  Dear Professor,    I write in reply to your email regarding your policy to not release lecture recordings for this unit or to not allow the use of laptops to take notes during your lectures. While you argue that both these policies ensure a heightened learning experience for your students, it is my argument that your policies are in fact detrimental to your students’ learning.    Students these days work to eat. Government payments that low-income students receive are not enough. Without a part-time job to fill the gap, a choice is made between paying the bills and eating. An article
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