First Steps

A rift cascaded across the sky the clouds bled blue the watch clocked twelve and a star shone through the white vapour veins of Earth.    Never had I felt such vastness as the veins struck across the sky capillaries joining side to side, and I felt my limbs a mimicry,  fractals of ingenious design.    And there were the Pointers, above my new home —  And I felt my feet plant their soles to soil, my soul – to soil, my new roots transpiring this blue sphere’s being, an equality of in and efflux, and I saw myself — a child
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a YouTube-taught breakdancer at his junior-school dance clears the crowd                         like a Jedi & lets the BPM bounce                                    

All About Me: Queer Women of Colour in the Music Industry

When Syd performs, there’s sly confidence in her body language as she knowingly grins and moves to the smooth soul and alternative R&B which permeates over the room like honey. The 25-year-old openly gay African-American musician (she has credits as a singer, songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer), currently fronts the Internet and has a solo music project. She initially entered the wider music scene as a member of Odd Future, an infamously irreverent and subversive hip-hop collective (members included Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean).The paradoxical nature of the group was commented on by many critics; Odd
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The Little Leather Book 

Subconscious longing for intellectual, emotional, and personal prosperity dictates our need to create. And when we open our minds to the abilities of notetaking and spontaneous creation, we realize the necessity of such a process. Humankind has forgotten what childhood is. Even children presently do not exercise the imagination, as they are enveloped by the poisonous and ever watching existence of technological advance. The screen has broken the naive, innocent and dreamful state of being in which all originally felt. The little leather book brings together the endearingly gorgeous and effortless art of seamless creation. The largest ideas have started
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