The Rise of Depressing Meme Culture 

Sad Homie Memes – Sad Depressing Meme 2
Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘meme’.  Noun   SPECIALISED BIOLOGY: a cultural feature or a type of behaviour that is passed from one generation to another, without the influence of genes  SPECIALISED INTERNET AND TELECOMS: an idea, image, video that is spread very quickly on the internet.  There is an art to tagging friends in memes on Facebook. First, find the perfect meme. Second, make the connection to the friend who’d appreciate it. Third, be timely because no one wants to be tagged in a meme they saw yesterday.   It has almost become a cultural custom these days to tag and be
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Two hundred yards remain to be covered. I can accomplish this by nightfall, I think to myself. My sheepskin rucksack is bare except for a few incense sticks and an ashtray. A tiny purple jar carries a balm, which, as the Tatar vendor promised me, would cure anything as long as I believed in it. The late afternoon sun beats down on my back, throwing enormous shadows on the sandy ground. If only my legs were that long, I wonder, I could have reached my destination a few days earlier.   I recall an oration from over two months ago, when
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The Library

  Far above the towering mountains that stretched for the heavens, and higher than the strongest most fearless birds dared to rise, above the dark water-laden thunderclouds and beyond the delicate semi-formed mists rose the gigantic city of Theoria. Ancient and proud it had floated between the clouds and stars for countless generations, bustling with activity and progress. The streets were paved with stone, the houses a mismatched puzzle of brick and metal. Street lamps framed the sidewalks like silent sentinels, throbbing with artificial light all through the night, while the day was presided over by life. Children ran through
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