The Little Leather Book 

Subconscious longing for intellectual, emotional, and personal prosperity dictates our need to create. And when we open our minds to the abilities of notetaking and spontaneous creation, we realize the necessity of such a process. Humankind has forgotten what childhood is. Even children presently do not exercise the imagination, as they are enveloped by the poisonous and ever watching existence of technological advance. The screen has broken the naive, innocent and dreamful state of being in which all originally felt. The little leather book brings together the endearingly gorgeous and effortless art of seamless creation. The largest ideas have started
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POETRY: ‘On Repeat’

thinking of him in my dreams, you say my name on repeat daniela daniela daniela ... until they all merge together and I stop seeing where the word ends and where it begins in my dreams, we're sitting in your car leather seats, rain falling faster than the wipers work cross hanging from your rear-view mirror you're telling me how much you miss me, how long it's been since we've seen each other (even though it's only been a few days) in my dreams, when you start to cry, I pull on the door and push and pull and scream
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Bitter Winter

  When Anna’s grandmother was seventeen years old, Russia faced its most bitter winter yet. The snow fell day and night, covering homes in a thick layer of white. The wind blew so fiercely that even the Moscow residents got wind rash when they stepped outside, and as the temperature lowered, the rumour once again entered homes.   ANNA “I’m just saying that if it gets any colder, we may see her,” says Anna. Alex leans so far back in his chair that he almost falls over. “And I’m saying that if we start believing in the Snow Queen, we
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