Accidental Encounters

My eyes met yours and it was a surprise  I never thought I would come across them again.    It was a surprise because I didn’t expect you to be there  It was a surprise because it was so immediate   It was a surprise because they seemed so foreign   It was a surprise because I felt nothing.    As you rush past me,   Head down,   Pace quick  It hit me    I know you,    I know your favourite songs  I know what causes you pain  I know your best memories   I know what you like to watch  I know
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Hack Patrol Edition 1: Your Guide to Student Politics

hack patrol 1
It’s summer here in the capitalist wasteland of Monash Clayton, and it’s all going down at the Monash Student Association (MSA). The hallways (and the President’s office) have undergone an urgently needed paint job, a 12-year incumbency has been ousted, and the fluorescent lights are shining as bright as the sun that never shines on our hallowed halls.
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In Another Life

In another life, I am a queen. In another universe I wrap myself in gossamer gowns and certainty. In another dimension, I do not even consider the possibility of others not taking me seriously, And have such an air of majesty about me that no one can mistake me for anything but an empress. In another life, my voice is thunder, and sends pale men quaking back into the shadows I cast when I stand up tall. I do not shrink myself for the sake of those who are not worthy (of my silence). In this other universe, every mirror
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