Protected: ​Not Fine

Climbing Rose copy
  This isn’t really a story, but the memory of one, preserved like dried flowers between paper pages. Boy meets girl has been told and retold. Boy dumps girl has variations too. But not boy abandons girl, or boy loses faith in girl, or boy reimagines girl as a monster and runs far, far away. To clarify, boy and girl isn't boyfriend and girlfriend. He wasn’t an ex, but an ex-something, an ex-maybe. An ex-almost. We were both the type that was easily detached from others, which meant people were surprised when they found out we were close. And they'd
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Postcards from the Middle

  DAY THREE Two more days to go and I really hope Suzy learns how to shut up. Just stop talking to me. Fuck. I mean, how hard could that be? I get that we’re all here to ‘make friends’ and ‘learn leadership’ but there’s a line. Why isn’t there a workshop about knowing when to leave someone alone? “No, Suzy, I haven’t watched any movies recently.” Who has that kind of money? And time? God. Why can’t Annie ever bother me like that? I’d talk to her myself but she’s always surrounded by everyone else and I don’t need
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