In Another Life

In another life, I am a queen. In another universe I wrap myself in gossamer gowns and certainty. In another dimension, I do not even consider the possibility of others not taking me seriously, And have such an air of majesty about me that no one can mistake me for anything but an empress. In another life, my voice is thunder, and sends pale men quaking back into the shadows I cast when I stand up tall. I do not shrink myself for the sake of those who are not worthy (of my silence). In this other universe, every mirror
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The Animals

The Animals (Sa Pasa)
  Kelowna Secondary felt enormous to Ahmed, too big to be an actual school. But in reality, because Ahmed’s year level was very small, and because the select-entry Christian College up in the hills had finished construction, the school was emptier than it had been for years. Over the scorching summer all the portable buildings had been wheeled away, and the playing fields now seemed to stretch out endlessly from the double-storey building, leaving it an island stranded in a golden, sun-dried sea. Ahmed met up with Ibrahim before school and was rendered speechless at first. Ibrahim had ditched his
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The Sea

The Sea (Julia Chetwood)
  I thought long and hard before deciding to move the fifth pawn from the left two spaces forward. Then I waited as the wind of the sea blew at my long golden hair, whispering a soft apology into my ear. ❖ ❖ ❖ I died some days ago with tears in my eyes – salty, bitter tears that threatened to overflow. Before I died though, my life was a utopian dream where animals from all walks of life lived together, each animal with its young by its side. But in my utopian dream, nothing was done to save those
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