Are we beyond forgiveness?

A good man did a bad thing. How much should one person, one who is loved and respected by his peers and has never put a foot wrong, pay for one mistake? Until this incident, he was a Brownlow contender. On the 5th August 2018, Andrew Gaff, a senior AFL player of the West Coast Eagles “king hit” 18-year-old Fremantle Dockers rookie, Andrew Brayshaw during the game breakinghis jaw. Brayshaw will spend the next month sucking food from a straw. He may even lose some teeth. Talk back Radio, Facebook, and Twitter recorded a huge swell in outraged fans arguing for
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Travelling as a Woman 

My biggest concern in deciding to travel solo was not whether I was going to be lonely, but whether I was going to be safe. It is an unfortunate thing that one worry can bring so much hesitance.   Considering the state of the world at the moment, and the terrorist attacks that threaten it, one might think that that could be the larger concern. To some degree, it was. I had two narrow misses in London on the bookends of my trip where a day or two before I had been walking past the spot where something had happened.   However,
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Review: To Lonely, With Love

To Lonely, with Love explores the act of letter writing and its ability to reveal our deepest emotions. Jennifer Monk and Lisa Dallinger performed with gusto as they waltzed from one side of the room to the other, executing intense scenes at the audience’s feet and maximising use of all the floor space within the cozy theatre. Monk and Dallinger were exceptional and they flourished in roles both as a man in prison for domestic violence as well as a typical housewife. While the show was energetic and tumultuous, it was lightened by interludes with music from “Please Mr. Postman”
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