An Interview with Satan and Me: the Devil is in the Drawing 

If you frequented tumblr in 2014, you may have seen a comic circulate that joked that using sanitary pads with designs on them felt like making a blood sacrifice to Satan each month. After seeing the comic, one user put forth an idea for a story where a teenage girl accidentally forms a contract with Satan through the aforementioned method. In response, another user, orange-plum, posted the first page of a comic that would later be known as Satan and Me (SaM).  Four years later, SaM is nearing 300 updates, has developed into an epic telling of the end of
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Get involved in Monash Sport!

So, somehow, it’s already July (actually wait, August) and the New Years’ Resolution to “get fit” is looking a bit doubtful. Granted there’s been sprinting (to the fridge to emotionally eat all the pain of uni away) and hiking (how else can you describe the journey to the third floor of the new Learning and Teaching Building?), but luckily for us, Monash Sport has heaps of initiatives to keep us healthy and active through the upcoming months.  Run Monash If you’re keen to improve your running skills in a friendly group environment, Run Monash is definitely for you! At Clayton,
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“Unrepresentative Swill” Vote to Dump Duff

Harings Ghost
Few outside the LGBTQIA+ community or uninitiated into the Freudian slip that is student politics would have heard of Queer Collaborations conference (QC). As its name suggests, QC is a national conference for queer people, mainly attended by students. The conference has existed since 1991 and usually occurs in mid-July with at least 200 delegates in attendance from all across Australia. While conference registration is unrestricted, the majority of attendees are university students who are active members of their respective institutions' queer collectives or clubs. QC enables queer people from across Australia to engage in community building, work on campaigns
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