Commuting to and from University: The Joyride 

How often have you sat on public transport on your way to university, surrounded by tens of people, only to stick your earphones in and block out the rest of the world? How often have you jumped on your bike in a total rush to make that lecture on time, only to completely miss out on the joy of the wind streaming through your hair? We are all guilty of unconscious blockage, where we tune in to our particular little station and forget that there is so much around us, and that’s okay, but sometimes we ought to take the
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Fighting Youth Homelessness One Crêpe at a Time

Crêpes for Change is a flourishing social enterprise in Victoria, riding the wave of success that this business model is currently experiencing. It was founded by Monash student Dan Poole back in 2015 and was the first non-profit commercial food truck in Australia.  It reinvests 100 per cent of its proceeds towards eliminating youth homelessness. It has grown since its humble beginnings and now serves French style crêpes at over 170 events a year around Melbourne.   Crêpes for Change has also expanded into two more enterprises. The Coffee Cart Changing Lives at RMIT University and co-owns a micro café called
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A Cardinal Sin: Lot’s Wife Torn to Shreds at Mannix

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Lot’s Wife is the official student magazine of Monash Clayton. It is a free publication that volunteers commit hours and hours to every week, so that we can provide news to the Monash community, and showcase the voices of our fellow students throughout the year. As an Editor of Lot’s Wife, I am immensely proud of what our community has achieved this year, and I have given this magazine nothing short of my entire heart and soul. While holding a public position means that you open yourself up to negative feedback from time to time, that is something that I
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