Cover Art 2017

Edition One

Cover Art by Maria Chamakala

Maria is a second year Arts/Law student, and a lover of ironic art, both pretentious and otherwise. She is also an amateur sculptor and an intermediate drawer, naively living in the illusion that a law career will provide the balance between helping lives, travelling and having the time to peruse the world of art. Surprisingly, this was her first time using digital art.


Edition Two

Cover Art by Matilda Parolini

Matilda is a Masters of Architecture student at Monash University and an illustrator. She combines several colours, textures and elements of symbolism in her work. While being a keen artist in high school fueled her passion for creativity, she decided to pursue studies in Architecture. She manages to find herself turning to digital illustration because of its limitless possibilities, as another outlet of creativity which is quite different to her current studies.

Instagram: @matildaparolini


Edition Three

Cover Art by Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown is a Monash Fine Art student who enjoys dabbling in many different disciplines. She takes inspiration from both the world around her, and her inner self. She’s currently taking time off to work in the MSA, but no doubt about it nothing can keep her away from her art. You can follow what she’s up to on instagram @dankest_1. The cover features Vedran Smajlović sitting with his cello in the ruins of Bosnia’s National Library in Sarajevo ‘92. Against the challenge of sniper bullets whirling around him, the renowned cellist became widely known for his classical song that echoed in the war-torn heart of sorrow. In one of the longest sieges in the history of modern warfare, Smajlović each day commemorated the victims of the war with music; a delicacy that presented a hope that words could perhaps never convey. Smajlović represented a reclaiming of humanity in a city ravaged by brutality.

     Edition Four

Cover Art by Keely Simpson-Bull

Keely is a third year engineering student who enjoys art as a hobby. She enjoys freehand drawing (especially dot rendering) and has very recently developed a liking to colouring her art with Copic markers. Although passionate about art in school, she decided to pursue a career in engineering and continually enjoys the creative outlet that drawing has to offer.




     Edition Five

Cover Art by Julia Chetwood

Julia Chetwood is a 3rd year Communication Design student at Monash University. She’s really into acrylic paint and mixed media right now, but has a long list of artistic passions, which include but are not limited to: copic markers, 0.38 fineliners, digital drawings, finger-painting, watercolours and messy collages. You can find more about her and her #illustrations on instagram; @juliachetwood or on her very own website;




Edition Six

Cover Art by Nicole Sizer

Nicole is a second year Communication Design student at Monash who dabbles in different styles of art and design. Focusing primarily in illustration, she will often use black and white fine liners, watercolour painting or both in her traditional work, but is working towards developing her digital illustration skills with so many avenues it has to offer. To see more of her stuff, she can be found on Instagram @nicolesizer.