Modern Charm

Modern Charm (Jade Karp)
THE CHARACTERS ROSALYN, 53, three times divorcee. MAYA, 19, daughter of Rosalyn. SIERRA, 32, recently divorced next-door neighbour.   THE

Ancient Greek Women

Women in Ancient Greece (Lin Rahman)
We’re still at a point where many people aren’t comfortable with calling themselves ‘feminists’. I’m not talking about the troglodytes

Modern Marriage and Me

Marriage (Keely Simpson-Bull)
‘Why would a feminist get married in this modern world?’ I encountered this question before my recent engagement in December

Australia Talks Abortion

(Em)brace yourself (Samantha Ireland)
Abortion: the termination of a pregnancy. As befits the seriousness of such a decision, the abortion process is carefully enshrined

Feminist Foreign Policy

In an age of Trump, Putin and Erdogan, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström stands tall in her ambitious beliefs. Since assuming