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Credit: Cassandra Da Costa

as young people
we question sexuality 

our sexuality
their sexuality
your sexuality 

it’s a cycle
a constant coming out
but we are young, and we have time
but we don’t talk about it 

i’ve been putting it off

i felt like i was lying 

to myself 

to you 

because we race to find labels
we need to be this or that
always making discoveries
not knowing that 
the self is a  p r o c e s s
we cannot morph ourselves to fit a mould
as perhaps society would like us to 

be straight
be gay 

hOw ArE yOu Bi If YoU’rE wItH a BoY? 

stop checking boxes! 

labels help to sort our confusion
but who decides what is proper 

and what is not? 

the checkboxes will only show
that you are all of everything
and you can be straight,  

or gay
or ace  

or ace
who “likes ‘em both”  

so come, 

sit a minute 

and let’s grab a coffee
and talk of boys and girls
and everything in between 

 Be there for one another 

as we perpetually self-discover



Emma Burgess

The author Emma Burgess

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