Abbe May with Shy Panther @ The Toff

ABBE MAY - KARMAGEDDON -PIC BY TONI WILKINSONOn the eve the Mayans predicted the world would come to an apocalyptic end, Perth’s Abbe May took to the Toff stage for her aptly named Karmageddon national tour. The threatening apocalypse didn’t seem to faze the largest audience I’ve ever seen at The Toff, but loomed in the air with the scent of bourbon, cigarettes and the promise of an Abbe May experience.

After a decent set from Perth electronic rock band Shy Panther, Abbe May and entourage took to the stage. Kitsch images of lightning bolts and May’s head were projected on the backdrops throughout the first synth laden tune ‘Kaboom’. Thankfully the fit-inducing projections were soon replaced by a pink wash was adopted as the band covered The Motels ‘Total Control’: a classic track which Abbe’s dulcet yet commanding rock voice treated well.

I had heard, before the gig, that Abbe May is a sassy, sexual and spirited character with  no qualms about being outlandish, but her stage presence at first didn’t seem to live up to this persona. This side of her character seemed to appear towards the tail end of the show when playing recent tunes, ‘Karmageddon’ and ‘Sex Tourette’s’. She seductively spelt out song titles like ‘Trouble’, and had teasing small talk between songs ‘Sex Tourette’s’ and ‘Kiss my apocalypse’.  The set flourished, albeit a bit too late, especially since there was no encore.

The song as ‘Perth Girls’ was temporarily renamed  ‘Melbourne Boys’ to end tonight’s set, since Melbourne boys apparently look like girls to this Perth native.


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