An Evening On Brunswick Street

Let’s face it. The monotonous, synthesised beats of inscrutable DJ’s have gotten old and incredibly annoying. Really, aren’t we all sick of bopping our heads repetitively to techno songs that seem to go on for exhaustive periods of time? You can go to the bathroom, have a heart to heart with a close friend whilst reapplying your makeup, exit the bathroom and the agonising song that you were so desperate to leave behind will still be reverberating across the dance floor.

Why not leave this world of faux, bland entertainment behind and explore the refreshing nightlife on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy? Start by having a chorizo, sweet corn and feta pizza at Little Creatures Dining Hall, an experimental culinary success that brings together a sweet and spicy contrast. You can even enjoy a Little Creatures beer as you watch the chefs prepare your meal in front of you.

Next, cross the road, walk about 500 metres up Brunswick Street and you will arrive at The Alchemist, an intimate venue that captures the spirit of old New York, so antiquated in its appeal that it is reminiscent of  old film noir movie sets. Order a few cocktails and whisper sweet nothings to a lover in the romantic glow of another era. And if you are single, flirt shamelessly with the bartenders whose suspenders and feather hats remind patrons of old Hollywood film stars.

Finally, end the evening at The Night Cat, a groovy live music bar just off Brunswick Street itself, that never fails to bring everyone onto the dance floor. The smooth sounds of Latin and reggae, along with the beats of eclectic funk, are a refreshing reprieve from the synthesised drone of Melbourne clubs. At The Night Cat, both musicians and dancers are uninhibited and impassioned, incomparable to the impassive DJs that click a few buttons and turn a few knobs. The Night Cat refuse to charge an entry fee, ensuring that Melburnians should not have to pay to dance.

Leave techno and shuffling to the robots of Chasers and Bubble and come join the energy in Fitzroy. The nightlife on Brunswick Street is lively and authentic, why not be a part of it?


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Dina Amin

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Just completed a BA, majored in Literary Studies. Planning on commencing a Masters in Publishing and Editing at Monash in 2014. Music and Literature are my two passions. Favourite artists are Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party. Personal favourite album of the year was Alpine's A is for Alpine. Just bought a keyboard with the objective of obtaining mind-blowing psychedelic skills like Ray Manzarek. Looking forward to making Music the most scintillating section in Lots Wife 2013.

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