An old tune. 

My heart goes back to you 

each time I hear a song 

with lyrics that are too deep 

for the tune to hold onto.  

Just how I used to feel 

when we were together.  

My happiness had  

no boundaries then. 

Maybe it doesn’teven now. 

But I do not remember  

the numerous places I hid it in.  

My mind does not think practically  

when it comes to us. 

It just wanders off 

to a lake that’s peaceful, 

where our laughter fills up  

the empty spaces 

and our silence echoes comfort.  

My heart goes back to you, 

and to who I was,  

when I was with you.  

Things were unembellished then. 

Maybe they are now, too. 

I cannot tell the difference anymore.  


– Sanika Alwa 

Art by Erin Deverell



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