BLISS N ESO: Circus in the Sky

Transcending their humble beginnings from the Australian arena, Bliss, Eso and DJ Izm are back breaching the barriers of international stardom with their 5th studio album – Circus in the Sky.

Filled with gloriously refreshing samples and track progression, the production level surpasses that of their previous works. This album furthers the progression of hip-hop through the diversification of production and kaleidoscope-type blending of evolving sounds.

An ill and untouchable verse feature from the King of New York, Nas, early in the album sets the stage in the skyline as the depth of Bliss N Eso’s evolution is painted in the skies through such star-studded collaboration. However, features from thirsty underground home-grown blood, Drapht, 360, Pez and Seth Sentry in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ in a universal blending of style and experience hint at the pedestal the B ‘n’ E boys are on, shepherding their next generation of talent into the game.

At their very essence, Bliss N Eso have lyrically remained unchanged; tracks fluxed with that boyish and crude humour – ‘no shame, I came, I shat in the pool’ – which at times can be jarring and discordant are at others simply hilarious.

However, the starlight quality Bliss N Eso presents is head-rocking ‘feel-good’ music. ‘Can’t get rid of this feeling’, with a fresh feature Daniel Merriweather, is soulful and stylistically endemic of what this group is all about in providing sky-dive euphoric positivity. The trio have aimed so high that in an attempt to dazzle, the crowded over-production in some tracks has a circus-type dizzying effect.  Apart from this and the occasional lyrical missteps, the gems throughout the album forgive these minor transgressions. Soulful samples from Sarah Blasko and Blue Juice impress while the Hip-Hop imperatives of lyrical braggadocio and scratching from Izm are cleaner than cash.

Hip-Hoppers who preach didactic negativity come and go but the artists who are timeless are those who spread contagious positivity. That’s what this album is all about.  Charlie Chaplin’s stirring speech from the ‘Great Dictator’ coupled with opener ‘Pale Blue Dot’, inspired by Carl Sagan’s thematic orations of universalism and unity is invigoratingly spine-shilling. The expert sampling and climaxing aura of production coupled with the transcendental-like optimism of the lyricism is magnetizing.

As Bliss N Eso heralded in previous works – ‘Peace, Love and Unity’ – was the name of the game. With ‘Circus in the Sky’, Eso opens – ‘ Positivity is Power’ –  the message being no less diminished or aged; so kick back and enjoy this ‘timeless classic at peace with the world when the vibe is magic’.


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