Boys will be Boys

Words by Stoic Facade


I am sick of it. 

Listening to male celebrities on talk shows discussing their past with drinking, speeding, snorting, 

Then comes along a women dressed in white there to help atone for his ways, lay down the toys and become a man.

They gloss over his transformation from boy to stoic 

Fuelling the audience’s infatuation with words of wisdom like an acclaimed poet.

But I stand here and grit my teeth at this glorified revelation 

Teaching young men to take off, slack off and enjoy being naked, 

Because the system will shelter them from justified condemnation 

As they can stuffed, fucked up and leave behind their abominations

Because a public apology, is more forgiving than words of sincerity 

Washing away past sins through events of charity 


See I don’t understand the societal convention of a boy becoming a man

When he stops drinking, learns to make a living and learns how to properly handle a women 

You see this construct helps alleviate the pressure on the male consensus 

But girls are taught from prenatal conception how to act to not draw attention 

Forced to walk her line, told to uphold her domestic duties 

Educated on the hysteria associated with superficial beauty

I am sick of this double standard, of boys being boys but girls ostracized by communities

It’s a short walk from a social standard to a Fascist eulogy.

Stoic Facade

The author Stoic Facade

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