The Case for SFR Reinstatement

When the Academic Board met, and voted on the proposed extension of the Academic Safety Net back on 16 June, they split it into three separate components: Vote 1 – Component A: The Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR) provision, whereby a student could convert all of their passing grades to a blanket ‘SFR’ grade. Vote 2 – Component B: Withdrawing fail marks from your transcript completely. Vote 3 – Component C: Unlimited supplementary assessments. With a considerable lobbying effort – and against the official recommendation from the Board’s Education Committee – the five student representatives managed to salvage Components B and
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Theatre Review: Treats (Southbank Theatre)

Sarah Zijlstra, Fever 103
I’ve missed this. The theatre beckons you, ‘Come, sit in the dark and feel something.’ It’s been so beautiful to see Melbourne come back to life. Masks off. Music on. Capacity limits increasing. With all of that comes the revival of our beloved local performing arts scene. Or sometimes, if we’re very lucky, something entirely new arises. Enter Fever103. Now personally, I would have thought that lockdown would have been the worst time to start a theatre company, but their co-founders, Director Monique Marani and Producer Harry Dowling saw it differently.  Their take on Christopher Hampton’s 1976 play, Treats, was
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The Pandemic Generation | First-Year Residents at Monash

Studying at university is already an incredibly challenging experience. It only gets harder when you do it while living away from the comforts of home. Then imagine undertaking your degree during a global pandemic which brings to a halt society around you. This one takes the cake. For countless first-years living at Monash, 2020 was supposed to be their year to start one of the biggest adventures of their life. They were to fulfil this rite of passage in what should have been a year filled with new friends, memories, and personal growth.  Our first-year living on campus at Monash
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Proposed Closure of the Centre for Theatre and Performance – the End of an Era?

Proposed Closure of the Centre for Theatre and Performance - the End of an Era? BY JOSEPH LEW AND EMMA ANVARI In a devastating blow to the performing arts, Monash University has proposed to shut down the Centre for Theatre and Performance (CTP) and no longer offer theatre and performance majors. The decision was revealed in a tweet by Professor Jane Montgomery Griffiths, Deputy Director of the CTP, who said the forthcoming closure would leave 75 per cent of its staff redundant. Her tweet reveals the CTP may be shut down by the end of the year following revenue shortfalls
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Rafal’s “LOTS OF NEWS” Weekly Breakdown: 6 – 11 June 2020

Horse BLM protests photo
Rafal is here to share her take on the events of the week, providing all the news and commentary you will need. Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed in this piece are not necessarily indicative of the views of the editorial board Welcome to the Lots of News Update: these were the headlines for the June 6 to June 11. You can check out the video version below. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers please note that the video contains images of the long-deceased:   IN TERTIARY NEWS Monash University is forecasting a $350 million downturn in revenue this year. (The Age)
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The “Lots of News” Weekly Update: 18-24 May 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 8.01.49 pm
Image Credit: Kathy Willens/AP BY RAFAL ALUMAIRY Contributor Rafal Alumairy has compiled all the important news of the week, for your reading pleasure. Better yet, they have prepared a live video reading of the news, which you can find below!    The Video Broadcast:  [youtube]   NON-VIRUS NEWS Eid Mubarak! Ramadan has ended and Muslims are now celebrating a strange Eid at home. The oceans are rising and this is leading to rapid erosion, something beachfront communities like Inverloch Victoria are finding out the hard way (The Age). Financial services firm AMP is under scrutiny after one of their
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Staff and Students Will Not Pay for the Crisis in Our Universities

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.03.37 am
Words by Corey Everitt and Ana Best Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the authors, and should not be taken to represent the views of Lot’s Wife. The crisis of revenue in higher education cannot be understated. Most universities are going to be writing off hundreds of millions of dollars for just this year. Monash has announced an expected loss of $350 million, while University of New South Wales is claiming $600 million. The sector has to make profits like any other in order to survive. Universities have made giant leaps as an industry thanks to
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Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 10.04.36 am
By Austin Bond, Analysis Editor NOTE: Since the publication of this piece, we have reached out to the various identified stakeholders for comment. These will be followed up on in a future piece. After weeks of discussion and voting, the Monash Academic Board has granted students the ability to exclude this semester’s results from their WAM/GPA calculation, and to have supplementary exams for any grade above 40. Threshold hurdles have also been lowered from 45 to 40. This result follows tireless work from various student and university bodies, most notably three of our Academic Board student representatives: Chloe Polglaze, James
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The Lot’s Wife “LOTS OF NEWS” Weekly Update

Image Credit: Guillermo Arias/AFP BY RAFAL ALUMAIRY WEEK OF MONDAY TO SUNDAY, 20-26 APRIL 2020 Editor's Note: Opinions expressed in the piece are not necessarily the views of the Lot's Wife Editorial Board   NON-VIRUS NEWS Anzac Day was solemnly observed across the country in homes and driveways yesterday at dawn. There were live and pre-recorded broadcasts from the Australian War Memorial and the Shrine of Remembrance. Lest we forget. Saudi Arabia has abolished flogging as a punishment, which is basically the abolition of all physical punishment for crimes or political dissent, although the country still has the death penalty
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Study Advice from a Jaffy

By Gavin Douch Useful, accessible and COVID-proof advice, right at your fingertips Editor's Note: Lot's Wife did not receive payment for this post. Our intention is to promote outstanding creative efforts by students in our community I’m a first year Monash student with a strong interest in app development. Not long ago I made an app called StudyStreaks to help fellow students study effectively: I didn’t know just how relevant it would be to the current global health situation when I made it! Studying and staying motivated weren’t easy before, and now it is harder than ever with all the
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What Lecturers Love! A How-to Guide for Getting the Best Learning Experience at Monash

By Dr. Geoff Crawford Former Senior Lecturer in Microbiology NOTE: COVID-19 has changed things radically on campus and these disruptions may continue for some time. Please read my advice below and adjust these recommendations as necessary to the current situation at Monash. Me. I totally stuffed up Year 12 - passed two subjects. I worked for a few years and then enrolled at Monash via a special scheme. It was my last chance and I was scared! I worked hard in first year and did well. Stayed for another six years and left with a PhD in germs. I worked
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