What Lecturers Love! A How-to Guide for Getting the Best Learning Experience at Monash

By Dr. Geoff Crawford Former Senior Lecturer in Microbiology NOTE: COVID-19 has changed things radically on campus and these disruptions may continue for some time. Please read my advice below and adjust these recommendations as necessary to the current situation at Monash. Me. I totally stuffed up Year 12 - passed two subjects. I worked for a few years and then enrolled at Monash via a special scheme. It was my last chance and I was scared! I worked hard in first year and did well. Stayed for another six years and left with a PhD in germs. I worked
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Listen Lot’s: What Your Editors are Listening to

Bart Lewis A little boy from Darwin went to a couple of medium music festivals in Melbourne (See: Groovin’ the Moo) and came out with a big appetite for electronic music, recommending the stylings of Cosmo’s Midnight and Lane 8. Maybe he takes one step up this year and goes to Earthcore? Annabelle Ballard If you know a local band, chances are AB knows their entire catalogue off by heart. She showed us feminism’s answer to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, aptly named Lizard Queen, as well as the queer pop band, Crystal Myth. Stop listening to those mainstream
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Re: No lecture recordings or laptops in this unit 

  Dear Professor,    I write in reply to your email regarding your policy to not release lecture recordings for this unit or to not allow the use of laptops to take notes during your lectures. While you argue that both these policies ensure a heightened learning experience for your students, it is my argument that your policies are in fact detrimental to your students’ learning.    Students these days work to eat. Government payments that low-income students receive are not enough. Without a part-time job to fill the gap, a choice is made between paying the bills and eating. An article
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