Student Politics is a Joke

DISCLAIMER: Daniel is the Managing Editor of Lot’s Wife. This is his opinion and his alone. Not Lot’s Wife and not the other editors. This is partly a response to Jan Morgiewicz’s piece published on 09.05.2019   Student politics is a joke. To the majority of students on campus, student politics is a minor annoyance, a trigger word for eye rolling and groans. For one week in second semester, you avoid the campus centre but beyond that you couldn’t care less about it if you tried. You can’t tell the difference between one party and the next. Especially with their
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Making Time for Mindfulness

We all know that feeling, walking out of the lecture theatre and realising you can’t remember a thing that’s happened in the last hour and a half. If you’re anything like me (I’m really hoping for your sake you’re not but if you are let’s be friends), instead of diligently note-taking and listening, you’ve been daydreaming about dinner and your hot date on Friday night (which is so not a weekly Greasesing-a-long on the couch with your dog). The good thing is we’re not alone, with studies suggesting our mind wanders for about 47% of the time. The even better
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Attention all students! eExams are now being rolled out at Monash University! Streamlined marking procedures, faster return of exams, and comfortable digital technology – all for your benefit! What a wonderful world we live in and a wonderful university Monash University is!    What was that? Yes, you did not hear wrong. Monash has just launched its first trial for computerised exams. With lectures now available electronically and torrented eBooks perpetuating the genocide of hardcopy textbooks, it was only a matter of time before online exams became a reality. Who still uses paper to take down lecture notes anyway?    So, how
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