Nobel Peace Prize 2021: What It Means for Student Journalism

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Last year, in Edition 4 of Lot’s Wife, I wrote an article on the fall of journalism, the Fourth Estate. In my article, I highlighted how journalism is being pulled in all different directions: firstly, by the outdated you-sell-papers-you-earn-money business model; secondly, by social media and clickbait entertainment; and finally, by decreasing government funding. I argued that it is the responsibility of the modern-day Three Estates – the government, corporations and citizens – to ensure that the powerful remain accountable.  In the race to preserve democracy, sometimes it can seem like ethical journalism is only inches ahead of misinformation and
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By Austin Bond, Analysis Editor NOTE: Since the publication of this piece, we have reached out to the various identified stakeholders for comment. These will be followed up on in a future piece. After weeks of discussion and voting, the Monash Academic Board has granted students the ability to exclude this semester’s results from their WAM/GPA calculation, and to have supplementary exams for any grade above 40. Threshold hurdles have also been lowered from 45 to 40. This result follows tireless work from various student and university bodies, most notably three of our Academic Board student representatives: Chloe Polglaze, James
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Everyone Loves a Quitter: how to break up with your lifelong dream

I’ve spent most of my life listening to people say “follow your dreams”. It’s everywhere from high school lectures to motivational Instagram accounts, but what no one ever told me was that sometimes that dreams turn out to be a complete nightmare. Realising the dream that you’ve spent your whole life pursuing is not as amazing as you thought is a unique type of disappointment. It seems like you’ve failed; you’ve given up on this “five-year plan” that you’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen. People say “no one likes a quitter” but sometimes quitting matters, sometimes dumping a dream means
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