Documentary Review: Netflix’s ‘Pandemic’ (2020)

Netflix’s Pandemic is a prophecy of the eeriest kind: watching it at present, living life under the exact kind of virus foretold in the documentary series is distressing. Preparedness, research and development were core themes that carried the series. From 2018 to 2019, Pandemic’s production team trotted around the globe and followed the lives of nine individuals — including frontline medical professionals in New York, scientists who travel back and forth from Guatemala, and experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Congo — in fighting seasonal flu, Swine Flu and Ebola. Ordinarily, one would be in awe of the
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Documentary Review: Netflix’s American Factory (2019)

American factory
Reviewed by Ong Jie Yee   You have run out of excuses to not watch Netflix’s American Factory; it was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, it won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year, and now you are stuck at home with all the time in the world.  If you are looking for a documentary about the US-China trade war and President Trump’s endless tirade against China, American Factory is about more than that. The documentary is interested in the cultural side of work ethics.   American Factory follows the entrance of a Chinese automobile glass manufacturing company, Fuyao, into the state of Ohio. Blue-collar Chinese and
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Film Review: It Must Be Heaven (2019)

unnamed (1)
Reviewed by Xenia Sanut Every person’s idea of heaven is different, which makes finding it a difficult task. We often search for heaven far from our homes and away from all that is familiar to us. However, in a world that is overrun with feelings of anxiety and paranoia, heaven seems even further from our reach. So, is there a paradise that frees us from the problems of our daily lives? And how do we get to it? Palestinian director and screenwriter, Elia Suleiman, explores heaven and home in his newest comedy, It Must Be Heaven. Suleiman not only directed
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