The Rise of Depressing Meme Culture 

Sad Homie Memes – Sad Depressing Meme 2
Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘meme’.  Noun   SPECIALISED BIOLOGY: a cultural feature or a type of behaviour that is passed from one generation to another, without the influence of genes  SPECIALISED INTERNET AND TELECOMS: an idea, image, video that is spread very quickly on the internet.  There is an art to tagging friends in memes on Facebook. First, find the perfect meme. Second, make the connection to the friend who’d appreciate it. Third, be timely because no one wants to be tagged in a meme they saw yesterday.   It has almost become a cultural custom these days to tag and be
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Essendon decide Bomber Thompson was onto something and will move into the frozen water business

Following the Bombers fourth loss in a row to Carlton on Sunday, they have decided the whole footy thing just isn’t their cup of tea. “The drug scandal was a sign that we blatantly missed, we should have cut our losses and just moved into the business,” Bombers CEO Xavier Campbell said. “It was a great branding opportunity for us,” Mr Campbell said. Though winter is on Victoria’s doorstep, the Bombers are confident they can fill a niche in the growing market. Essendon are currently calling for ideas as to what they should call their product. The current front runners
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