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If you’re reading this it means you’ve made it this far in the semester without dying!  

A rare feat indeed, and for that, I commend you.  

 But, knowing the busy bee you are, I bet you’re in dire need of some TLC, a big bowl of comfort food, and a good ol’ fashioned pep talk to get you through the last leg of the semester.  

 So my dear friend, here is a list of some (potentially) helpful tips, just to think about, while we’re approaching the end of the semester.   


 1) No last-minute cramming (ah, duh!) 

 Now unless you’ve somehow mastered this dangerous art, please tread lightly here. 

 As I’m sure we all know, cramming too often results in nights spent furiously typing at a keyboard, messaging the nearest group chat for consolation, and the stacking up of plates and cups from late night stress snacking. 

 Be easy on yourself – your brain can only take so much.  

We’ve all been there though, and if you are there right now, just take a step back and assess the situation. It’s never too late to do so. Really.  

 Acknowledge what you do know, and give yourself credit for that – it’s often a lot more than you might think.  


2) Taking study breaks when you sure as hell know you don’t deserve them 

Now don’t even start…you better close those 27 tabs and get the hell off Insta, or the wrath I will unleash on you will NOT be pretty.   

I mean, do you really give a damn about “Behind the scenes of making a giant macaron” or do you want the delicious satisfaction of a HD? Your choice.  


3) If you have however earned that break…  

Enjoy it. Truly immerse yourself in it.   

Use this time wisely to refresh – so that you’re truly present when you do get back to the work.  

Examples of fun break activities:  

  • Patting puppers and cat friends  
  • Singing your heart out to some soulful 70s hits  
  • Meal prepping a hearty brekkie for tomorrow’s 9am.  


4) Take care of yo’ mind!  

 Again, we all know this, but it’s obviously a lot easier said than done.  

 I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to take care of your headspace – especially during these crucial weeks of study.  

 Your mind can be such a powerful asset, yet it can also be quite the burden.  

Don’t let those trivial little mental breakdowns get in the way of you performing your best.  

 When I’m feeling underwater, or just overwrought with a bad result, I find that giving myself a pep talk can work wonders.  

 I’ll acknowledge how I am feeling, be at peace with the situation, then try my best to move beyond it and do a freakin’ great job next time.   


5) Just have some fun! 

 Don’t put too much importance on any particular task. Doing this will make you just want to put it off even more.   

 Whether it’s an exam, a mid-sem test or those pesky lit-reviews, these marks are not going to determine the course of your life forever, there’s always other ways.  

 Yes, do what you must do to get those marks, but don’t meditate on something longer than you have to.  


 The most important advice I can give you is to just take care of yourself, be kind to others, and get some damn sleep.  

 I hope you found these tips useful, and go smash out those final assignments and exams!  




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