Don’t Collect $200: A MUST Production.

By Aponi Kailash

“Adjective to describe how amazing the production was” “Posh-sounding critic of the show”
“This famous person said this about the event”
“This MUST show is a must see!”

…yes I too cringed at that pun.

As someone who LOVES Monopoly (I will rob you of your money and dignity) I was SUPER excited to see what MUST had in store for their student-devised production, Don’t Collect $200.
All I knew prior to my viewing was the show had an immersive theatrical element where I would be taking part in the production in some way. Did I mention how PUMPED I was?

From the moment I stepped foot into the theatre space, all the actors were in character to an absolutely perfect calibre. They were incredibly helpful and friendly with very big personalities thrown into the mix.
(FUN FACT about Monopoly; it was designed to showcase the ill effects of capitalism, destroying friendships and all that), but it became a very popular game — go figure. This production explored these themes in a satirical manner, creating a fun, light-hearted atmosphere.

To give you a small taste and surmise the show (being as spoiler-free as I can) — because you best believe I am recommending everyone go see this! — your evening will be constructed as follows:

  • Enter theatre and allocate yourself to a table, hopefully to connect with some new friends and not be a complete awkward social menace to society…kidding (not really)
  • Turn your gaze centreward (a common occurrence throughout the evening as many performances grace the MainStage before general game play is resumed) and enjoy
  • Get instructions of how to play (which, if you’re like me and don’t take instructions well, you can ask any of the actors and they will assist with questions you have)
  • Play a unique version of monopoly, buying experiences instead of property
  • I’m not going to tell you the rest, go see for yourself!
    My biggest advice for when you attend (yes, when) is to throw yourself into the experience…though I completely understand that public weeping, proposals or pretending to be Shrek isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Especially simultaneously — (don’t ask) you’ll understand when you complete the Mad Minute — it was definitely worth some initial discomfort.

Despite a very raw set construction and absence of the ‘normal’ complete focus directed to the performers, the audience becomes a fixture in the production, with enormous commendations to all the crew and cast members who so clearly put kilos of energy into the show. Your effort was noted and as an audience member, very much appreciated.

Now, some brief Tips and Tricks for those going:
— Beware of parking inspectors, fines can be hefty!
— Become a parking inspector and turn the tables (if you can’t beat them, join them)
— Try and do as many experiences as you can, they are hilarious and a lot of work goes into them
— Be kind to all performers, BUT don’t be afraid to chuck a little sass in the mix, you’ll definitely get some back (shoutout to ‘Jan’, ‘Marvin’ and ‘Don’…yikes!)

Your goal and prize of the night, if you fall to such trivial gradings of fun (I totally did), is either getting crowned in a lovely ceremony or getting to be the victor in a monetary gameshow and use a money gun to make your lotto winning dreams come true. Congratulations, you’re in the 2%.

So, if you want a night out to a classy theatre production with heart-wrenching moments and authentic costumes…this is not the show for you.
BUT, if you want a night full of laughs, creativity, unadulterated passion for performance with opportunities to connect to old and new friends, look no further.

In summary of my pitch to give you a night of laughs…
if you want a good night out, to support some student-devised theatre, or have ever had a thought (even once) go book your tickets ASAP and check the show out!

Do Not Collect $200 run ends Saturday 19th October.
Book Tickets at
Parental guidance is advised for children under 12.

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