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Edition 3 of Lot’s Wife is out now. We would like to thank all those who contributed to this edition through written and visual contributions.

This edition will be published online only and can be viewed here.


As we approach the height of the semester, with many major assessments due just down the road and
exams around the corner, students are understandably feeling trapped within the bubble of student
life. However, this analogy can be extended beyond Monash to a state and even national level as we
are almost in a state of national lockdown, being shielded from the events that are happening elsewhere
in the world, whether we like it or not.

We see the Australian government banning flights from India until mid-May, stranding not only COVID
but also loved ones from reaching our shores as the COVID situation continues to worsen in India. We
see the conflicts in Africa and the Middle East competing for public concern and aid in the middle of a
pandemic that still is on the forefront of our minds. And of course, we are still a university separated
between those on-campus and those overseas, those online and those in-person.

Many of us here in Australia are looking outwards, beyond the bubble, happy that most of us have the
liberty to visit and embrace our loved ones here in Australia but we still feel COVID’s presence in many
aspects of our lives and are restless with questions. When will we get to travel again without fear of
lockdowns and restrictions? When will we get to reunite with those who are overseas? What can I do to
help make this all go away quicker? What can I do to get back to the way things were, whatever you view
‘the way things were’ to be?

For Edition 3, 2021 of Lot’s Wife, we are looking not just beyond our bubbles but also within them to see
what we can learn about ourselves and about each other. Through brush and pen, stylus and keyboard,
our contributors explore what popular culture can teach us about the human condition and the world
around us, makes us ask ourselves who and what makes a ‘home’, and examines how environmental
destruction and climate change is damaging our largest bubble, humanity and our Earth.

Here at Lot’s Wife, we want to mirror all of the voices that make up our diverse Monash student community
and to project them into the world beyond, no matter where you are and no matter what barriers may be
preventing you from being on-campus or in-person. We value your voice and believe it should be heard.
Lot’s Wife is intended to be a publication that intermingles unique perspectives and allows different
bubbles to interact, discuss and debate in a safe and inclusive environment, so we would love to hear
from you to ensure that your voice is included as well.

Overall, we hope you enjoy reading Edition 3, 2021 as much as we enjoyed editing it and compiling the
amazing work from our contributors. Thank you to all who made it possible, we look forward to sharing
more of our students’ skills and talents in the near future.
– Lot’s Wife Team



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