Editorial 3: Andrew

So, the Birds and the Bees. How was that ever a thing?

I understand the compulsion some people must feel to sanitise the first (or first few) conversations you have about sex and the human body they have with their children as either parents or teachers but, why Birds and Bees!?

Granted, I can see fairly obvious reason for using birds as an analogue because the reproductive process is very much on display – or at least the egg is. Egg is sat on after its pushed out, its kept warm and dry and away from frying pans, then the infant bird emerges it’s all rather neat and tidy. The anatomy all seems rather wrong though, the internalised growth process and non-spiral shaped penis (right?) thing that we humans have going on.

The use of Bees though just stumps me “It’s time child you learned that we are nothing but sexless drones who work to appease a massive sugar tyrant.” That’s certainly not been my experience. How they come together though is equally baffling. The best I could think of is that it’s supposed to define the different gender roles in the birth process – gathered/provider and gestation supervisor. This fails to answer the question usually at the forefront of young people’s mind that runs “what does this thing between my legs do – I think it has a mind of its own!”

I could carry on fuming from my soapbox about this for a while now but for brevity’s sake I’ll conclude with we’ve institutionalised so many of the wrong attitudes to sex and sex education and this needs to change – one magazine down, the rest to go!

Thanks: for the lovely feedback on the look of our second edition, our MICF reviewers and our diligent and patient sub editors and contributors.

No Thanks: Tory scum, Dudebros and unexpected blackouts.

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Andrew Day

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According to legend Andrew was once an editor of Lot's Wife until a terrible disaster made him Disabilities Officer at his student union. He's sometimes still said to slink too and from Monash Clayton from his home in rural Berwick to stick his head into the Lot's Wife office and swear at how much bigger it is now than the shoe box he was forced to work out of.

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