Editorial 4: Amy

So many pieces seem to arrive in the Lot’s Wife inbox accompanied by the phrase: “I’m sorry, I’m so angry!

And I always reply: “It’s ok to be angry!”

I don’t understand why people feel the need to apologise for being angry. Anger is a normal, human emotion. And besides, there is plenty to be angry about.

At the moment, I’m angry about the Abbott government’s first budget – and it hasn’t even been delivered yet! The taster we got in the Commission of Audit report was enough to fire me right up though. Between attacks on education, health and low-income Australians, following the recommendations in the Commission of Audit report is the first step to becoming a dumber, sicker, poorer nation.

I’m angry that it’s so cold, that I have nothing to wear, that I smashed a glass jar of curry paste and lost my favourite curry recipe in the doing so.

And it’s ok for me to be angry about these things. They’re all shitty, annoying, frustrating and disempowering things.

Anger makes for great writing. Anger makes people vulgar and snarky and hilarious and most importantly, passionate.

Please don’t apologise for being angry. It’s what makes you all such great writers.

Thanks: Kimbers for going away so the Fighting Mongeese could finally win a game- when’s your next holiday?

No Thanks: People who can’t follow deadlines – I promise, we don’t set deadlines cause we think they’re funny, we set them because we need to get shit done.

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Amy Fitzgerald

The author Amy Fitzgerald

I’m Amy and I’m a 3rd year Arts student majoring in Politics and Journalism studies. I enjoy taking long, moonlit stumbles from Sir John’s Bar to the Nott and turning everything my hair touches a delicate shade of pink. I also enjoy gluten free food of nearly all varieties, and staying away from sunlight.

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