First Steps

A rift cascaded across the sky
the clouds bled blue
the watch clocked twelve
and a star shone through
the white vapour veins of Earth. 


Never had I felt such vastness
as the veins struck across the sky
capillaries joining side to side,
and I felt my limbs a mimicry, 

fractals of ingenious design. 


And there were the Pointers,
above my new home — 

And I felt my feet plant their
to soil,
my soul – to soil,
my new roots transpiring this blue sphere’s being,
an equality of in and efflux,
and I saw myself —
a child of the earth,
tendrils of stardust,
a mobile modicum of consciousness,
a product of immeasurable time and unknowable chance events. 

Anna Rabinov

The author Anna Rabinov

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