Generation Obligation

Words by Stoic Facade


My dad once asked me, what’s it like to be born in the 21st century.

And I went to answer… But I knew I shouldn’t answer honestly

You see my Generation was born into to an era filled with hate

Yes our standard of life is better, but our obstacles were just as great. 

Our mistakes, they live on forever 

Our conflicts, they change like the weather

Our mission, requires no successor 

Because we didn’t inherit the earth, we inherited urgency.

We weren’t handed the baton, we had to take it forcefully

Our fate was decided before our time

Our shoes were sown before we were shown to fly 


Because those before made decisions based instinct 

Following the pissing contest between Franklin, Stalin and Winston 

The world resources exploited 

By ones who we appointed

Who made treaties and choices 

Carrying around two faces, double jointed 

In the effort to secure their wealth at the expense of the earth’s ecological integrity

Leaving behind a list casualties along the lines of a celestial catastrophe.

But now it’s our turn to speak our minds freely

Putting our hands to work ensuring we may leave a legacy


We are sick of waiting for our turn to weigh in on the general Consensus

We are sick of waiting behind Karen, Craig and Gertrude, in the discussion about living expenses 


Our future is ours to forge from the molten mess of our humanity 

Grave stricken, out of touch with our own reality

When we speak our collective mind be sure to listen

Because our school strikes, will turn into university riots 

And if you don’t listen soon, we will be the ones adding to the violence 


‘Cause Our mission is to fix what was broken for us

So the next generations can flourish and not waste away like dust.

Hopefully they can live in an era that focuses on future problems and not past mistakes 

It’s our turn to move and I ain’t gonna stand here and wait


Stoic Facade

The author Stoic Facade

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