Gig Review: HAIM

HAIM are, quite simply, spectacular live. Playing to a sold out crowd at the Hi-Fi on July 27 the three sisters from California and their drummer, Dash Hutton, imbued their songs with a new energy and enthusiasm. The group have a great stage presence. Danielle’s beautiful, strong vocals are complemented by genuine musical talent and each sister plays multi­ple instruments.

On stage, they interact effortlessly – Danielle’s edgy rock look is balanced by older sister Este’s brash banter and seriously unique facial ex­pressions. Youngest, Alana or ‘Baby Haim’ is masterful on the keyboard and filled with energy, bouncing around the stage. A nice highlight was the emergence of ‘Mama Haim’- the girls’ embarrassed mother who peeped from backstage after much encouragement.

Overall, HAIM have found a perfect balance – they play songs the audience love and can sing along to, but adapt and rejuvenate them with new instrumentals. This ability was perhaps best showcased in Better Off where Danielle and Este added fierce drumming that felt spontaneous and really set off the crowd.

The release of the group’s first album, Days are Gone, (expected release date September 30) will include current favourites ‘Forever’ and ‘The Wire’ as well as some new material. As a HAIM devotee, perhaps more so after their excellent performance, I will definitely be having a listen and recommend you do too.

Eleanor Taylor

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