GOSSLING – ‘Harvest of Gold’ (2013)

Raised in country Victoria and now residing in Melbourne, a singer & songwriter Helen Croome has recently released her debut album Harvest of Gold. Gossling has matured from her folksy EPs and created a booming, electronic, indie-pop album. Whilst remnants of her acoustic beginnings still echo underneath the electric guitars, drum machines and keyboards, the mixing of powerful, yet sweet vocals all add to the slow tempo and gradual crescendo of her tunes. These tunes perfectly satiate my indie music cravings.

Bass notes are truly that in Harvest of Gold – a low register that highlights Gossling’s high-toned voice. The contrast demands the lyrical prowess to be heard – insightful stories and common experiences of 20-somethings. Lyrics like “You won’t get that feeling again” (‘That Feeling’) and “You told me words that will never expire” (‘Never Expire’) are relatable to your wallowing over the end of your first (second, third) love. But, the up-beat tempos are uplifting and make you want to dance rather than cry-sing along. Gossling has managed to so positively articulate emotions that we all have experienced in one form or another, which is a welcome change from other artists’ crooning, complaining and bad-mouthing (*cough* Taylor Swift), even in her self-introspection, “What are we made of?” (‘Big Love’).

‘Songs of Summer’ may well be my favourite song on the album, featuring Sparkadia’s Alexander Burnett. It is unusual for me to enjoy electric percussion, but the clever instrumentals and unexpected melodies have converted me. Gossling knows when less is more, her largest track ‘Pulse’ is particularly impressive featuring a gradual crescendo and strings that rise and fall in waves. There is a somewhat spooky element to ‘Challenge’ in her music, possibly due to the blending of electric guitar and synth. The following track, ‘Accolade’, is quite similar in that the vocals fuse with the keyboard, effecting in one big sound above the bass line. I find that my feet will start tapping again with ‘That Feeling’, but my urge to move and dance would have ceased, unless you count swaying as dancing.

If you find yourself playing a guitar and writing songs more often than attending UNI classes, its time to pursue your music career (by transferring into a Bachelor of Music and attending those classes instead).
If you just find yourself skipping class to listen to music, simply sit back and enjoy the sun by listening to Harvest of Gold.

Gabrielle Mitchell

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