How to Map a Heart

Words by Eliot


Begin with the essential connections

to the outside; each of those tubes

which grew up in our soiled birth


Examine these minutely for wear

and signs of imperfect formation

understand that ceaseless movement

demands early faults be deep cut

by age at which inspection can begin


Turn inwards to the valves and chambers

and understand how one substance: blood

– elsewhere called life or love in liquid form –

behaves under pressure


Observe then how blood

has marked out its territories

in your heart and how

when one region collapses

(the blood has been evacuated

or else congealed and toxified) 

the rest spurts, spasms, shocks

the whole system 


In case of collapsed system

call it broken; like a bone

with no fibres to knit no prescription

for the pain


In case of catastrophic failure


remove the afflicted organ

(with minimal oversight)

wrap in plastic

and return to Maker


Enclose a note

I recommend:


Request refund.


Send away that pulsating meat which

despite all contrary wishes 




The author Eliot

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