sitting in the dark, i would wait

hoping you’d come back

heart on your sleeve, apology ready

some semblance of guilt, empathy plenty

crawling, tail between your legs

back to our glass house, empty


desperate, i whispered eulogies

months passed waiting by the phone

entwined your name in prayers

‘just a temporary high’, she swears

in every laugh, every torment

i’m sure it’s there somewhere


always in my peripheral, yet

never meeting the eye

desire, the naked temptress 

chased after it nevertheless

marked for perpetuity, still you left

better off they’d say? never, i protest


i stalk your ghost in dreams

awake in my shame, it remains

every memory threatens to leave

cling in desperation, it’s futile maybe

but i still hope i cross the mind

of judas who loved me

Karen Grace Prince

The author Karen Grace Prince

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