It turns out that we need to pay more attention to Western Australia.

The part of Australia that we forget about far too often has been hiding some of the best musical talent this country has heard. An eclectic mix of soulful croons, electronic instrumentals and alternative sound with a hint of nostalgia, KISS MY WAMi 2013 awards local original contemporary artists a chance to be heard. Trust me; they’re doing us a favour.

There’s a little for every music  palate this year, with a surprising amount of good instrumentals. Ylem’s ‘Horizon’ is a definite must-listen for the bass line carefully layered with some powerful beats, while Daramuds’s ‘Isfahan’ takes the cake  for exotic showstoppers.  Other artists opt for more laid back instrumentals. Eduardo Cossio spreads an infectious happiness in his tune “ Enjoy your Weekend” which is a beautiful marriage of guitar, trumpet and clarinet., It will indeed contribute to the overall enjoyment of said weekend.

The more bands of fun loving, sunshine-soaking laid back Aussies, the merrier. KISS MY WAMi 2013 boasts great pop hits from the likes of Simone and Girlfunkle, Boys Boys Boys! and Boom!Bap!Pow! Don’t let the names turn you off, these kids are seriously talented. If you’re not toe tapping or singing along at the end of “Summer Rain” or “Holiday” or “Suit’, it’s probably about time for that heart transplant, tinman. (Kidding, but seriously) With lines like “I’ll spend all your money, I’ll spend all your money”, it’s catchy and light, perfect for that drive to the beach this summer

If group acts aren’t your thing, indigenous vocal powerhouse Clint Bracknell packs an impressive punch against his contemporary counterparts,  with a sweet effortless style yet an expressive soulful air. Jonathan Brain’s ‘Brave the Winter’ is surprisingly summery despite the name, the soothing guitar repetitions and a voice reminiscent of Josh Pyke.

Perhaps the most impressive is the indie/alternative/rock selections this year’s WAMi’s have to offer. Artists such as Blackmilk craft primitive sound layered with influences from the sixties and an injection of psychedelic harmony. The Ghost Hotel offers a healthy dose of rock laced with indie, satisfying in a way you don’t understand with their tune “Hell to Pay”.

These are just some of the memorable sound found on the album. A great listen and addition to any driving playlist, artists that made their way onto the KISS MY WAMi album will definitely inject a little Aussie pride with a side of 40 degree sun and sea salt to taste.

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