Anything that is staged in a box with no words
needs to be seen, either to be criticized for its
wankiness or to be applauded for its inventive
stagecraft. I however saw it as the perfect
test for my new boyfriend; if he can handle a
one-man, one-hour show then he is definitely
a keeper.

Circle of Eleven’s Leo is by no means
wanky and most people left the show
wondering how the hell anyone could even
come up with something like that. Most
people unfortunately really do not know how
to use their imagination anymore, let alone
their bodies and it was refreshing to see this
happening live before my eyes.

Its use of physical and circus performance
as well as video projection and animation left
no room for boredom and made me consider
the inescapability of time and presence and
how perception and action can exist beyond
the laws of gravity. Of course, this profound
philosophical contemplation was occurring
while my peripheral vision noted down my new
man’s reactions: laughter, confusion, thought,
yes! Yes! He is not bored and looks entertained
in a non-stupid way, which either means he is
a great faker or the show actually is a feel-good,
clever story; something that is lacking in the
Melbourne theatre scene. You don’t have to be
serious in order to be smart.

Tobias Wagner’s performance was simply
brilliant; his movements were timed perfectly
thanks to Daniel Briere’s direction, and his
charismatic presence and facial expressions
guided the audience through the narrative.

The eclectic music, from Sinatra to
electronica, was also another highlight
confirming that Leo is a unique and modern
show for young and old and that I have a
boyfriend who truly might like going to the
theatre with me.

‘Leo’, Circle of Eleven
Performed by Tobias Wegner
Directed by Daniel Briere
The Arts Centre, Fairfax Studio

Christine Lambrianidis

The author Christine Lambrianidis

Hello Lot’s Wife readers! I am one of your new Theatre Editors. Here are just a few things about me: VCE Lit teacher PHD (Theatre Performance) student Playwright Play Readings Coordinator I see A LOT of performances, from the MTC to MKA and cannot wait to share my experiences with you.

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