London Grammar are a trio from, yes!, London, consisting of Hannah Reid, Daniel Rothman surprisingly well, afterwards leading beautifully into the guitar picking on the third track ‘Shyer’ where the synths blend in softly to highlight Reid’s voice.

‘Wasting My Younger Years’ is perhaps the best song on the album. From the beginning of this song you sense you are in for an orchestral journey and indeed that is where this track takes you – a journey with a mix of pianos, guitars, and is that a violin thrown in there as well? That is a definite yes to the violin, as we learn from the album credits that the strings are performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. What a perfect synthesis of Reid’s vocals to this musical arrangement. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

The fifth track ‘Sights’ begins with a piano, leading into Reid’s vo- cals with a subtle guitar in the background; this combination is effective in allowing Reid’s voice to carry through, almost like riding a wave. This track along with the next, ‘Strong’, showcases Reid’s amazing vocals.
On ‘Strong’ she roars out (analogous to the lion in the song) “if a child cries, would you not listen!” Track 7 is a solid performance of a cover of French house artist Kavinksy’s ‘Nightcall’ with Reid’s vocals being the main focus here. This leads into ‘Metals and Dust’, definitely the liveliest track on the album in which you find your body unconsciously moving and Dot Major. Their debut album If You Wait is truly a mesmerising wonder. From the very first track ‘Hey Now’, with its beautiful musical scarcity and Hannah Reid’s ethereal vocals, you realise you will be drawn into an instant love affair with this album and band. The smooth guitar riffs on ‘Stay Awake’ in combination with the accompanying cymbals work to the tempo. Track 9, ‘Interlude’ with piano and vocals would translate perfectly as a live track for the band. ‘Flickers’ is the most alternative sounding song especially with the use of bongos giving it an exotic feel but it still manages to blend with Reid’s vocals and seems to work. The album finishes with ‘If You Wait’, which sees Reid’s vocals slowly rise and fall, eventually fading out until the end of our journey. If you want to give your ears some amazing sensory pleasure, then listen to this brilliant debut.



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