Thomas: Mell said you or I have to do a review on Fringe…

Basil: We could hold hands and write it together?

T: We’re both writers.

B: Yeah we are, lock us up. We’re writers you know, we tell stories.

T: “Put bulldog clips on my nipples, I’m a storyteller.”

B: “Put Jumper leads on my testes, I’m a storyteller.”

T: “Choke me with a dish cloth, I’m a storyteller.”

B: “Play Carly Rae Jepson on loop, I’m a storyteller”

T: One of the best jokes of Fringe.

B: From the best SHOW at Fringe!

T: Yeah no one is going to have any idea what we were talking about

B: Well it makes sense and is pretty damn funny if you’ve seen Truth.

T: Okay. Well let’s tell the people why. You Start.

B: Slow Clap productions is Vachel Spirason and Stephanie Brotchie. This Melbourne Fringe Festival they performed their second one man show, Truth. Loosely a follow on from their multi-many-numerous-several-various-award winning Melbourne International Comedy Festival show ‘The Hermitude of Angus, Estatic’, this show is an hour of ridiculous story telling and even more ridiculously ridiculous dancing.

T: Vachel as the sole man on stage (with some hidden backstage assistance from Stephanie) manages to cram in a host of colourful and crazy characters, which have a way of genuinely connecting with the audience whilst keeping everyone in stitches. Of special note from the ensemble constructed by Vachel is the very intense Juan from Spain, an erotic back up dancer for Salt ‘N’ Peppa and loose form of Vachel himself serving as the central narrator.

B: Barack Obama and George Clooney did not attend the show that we viewed, much to one of the character’s dismay.

T: But it was George and Barack that lost out because Truth was a crazy ride and proof that the home of high quality independent comedy is still Melbourne.

B: God you’re a good story teller.

T: Punch me through a phonebook, I’m a storyteller.

B: I love you.

T: What?

B: I meant yes you are. Damn you autocorrect!

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