MICF Reviews- My Ego Is Better Than Your Ego

Modest, reverent, and discreet: all words that cannot be used to describe Tom Ballard’s comedy. Infact, he’s a bit of a conceited bastard on stage. But he’s the kind of conceited bastard who can deliver a hilarious onslaught of observations in a way that is shrewd, introspective, and boundlessly charming.

That’s kind of the point of Ballard’s 2013 MICF stand up show, entitled My Ego Is Better Than Your Ego.

Tackling the inherent need for acceptance that plagues all of humanity, the Triple J Breakfast Presenter just wants to be liked. In a sense the script is very meta: Ballard addresses the concept of live
comedy and the validation brought by an appreciating audience, along with life in the public sphere.
That said, he still comes equipped with self-deprecating hipster glasses, and will assuredly show you his bellybutton at least once during the hour-long performance.

You’ll also have an opportunity to hear anecdotes about childhood Christmases dressed as Zorro, about themed parties for amputees, about self-righteous drunk women in gay bars, and about a few of
Ballard’s high-profile media clashes over the last twelve months.

With topics stretching from dating and sexuality to war and Kyle Sandilands, across a geographical domain from the Austrian Alps to Southwest Victoria, Ballard offers something for everyone (except maybe old people, who are specifically asked to take a nap or quietly think about the ’60s while Tom talks about Twitter).

My Ego Is Better Than Your Ego is ingeniously circular – as brainy as it is bold. You’ll laugh until your cheeks hurt, and, if you’re as lucky as one woman in our audience, you may even cackle hysterically enough that Tom will accuse you of being an estranged cast member of Sister Act.

We stuck around for a sneaky beer with the man himself after the show. It’s always nice to be reminded that despite an inclination toward controversy and the attitude of a pedestaled performer on stage, Tom Ballard retains the supple humility of a regular human being who still just wants to be liked. And likeable he is.

Tuesday – Saturday 7pm, Sundays 6pm
Swiss Club, 89 Flinders Lane
Ends April 21st

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