MUST Cast Interview- We’re Banking on It!!

April 12th, 2024


This May Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) and the Bloomshed ensemble present We’re Banking On It! at fortyfivedownstairs. Fusing ideas from the new theatre talents of MUST with MUST alumni, the collaboration promises to examine capitalism’s iron grip on corporations and government. Cast members share their thoughts on the production in this article. 


Can you describe the show in three words?

“Corrupt, chaotic, outrageous.” Luca Edwards

“My name is Sophie Foster, my three words are Stupid Fucking Bird. Jokes. Bold, incisive, absurd.”  John Burgess

“Rat, dog, vampire.” Simmar Chawla.


Describe the experience of working with Bloomshed.

“Is that the Green Room award winning Bloomshed you’re referring to… Really, it’s not student theatre, it’s students performing professional theatre.” John Burgess

“We’ll be able to show this play to a broader audience than if it was going on at MUST. I think it’s pushing all of us to really make something special.” Kieran O’Baoill


How do you feel about the opportunity to perform at fortyfivedownstairs?

“Be more excited if they named it properly.” John Burgess

“It’s 52 stairs.” Simmar Chawla

“The address is 45 Flinders Lane.” Kieran O’Baoill

“It’s the venue, the audience – they’re both huge opportunities you wouldn’t normally be able to get through student theatre.” Luca Edwards


How has the devising process and creation of the show been as an actor?

“Writing a script together has been a bonding experience. You don’t usually have freedom to choose what you’re going to play in a play. So the fact that we get to write the characters and then perform them is crazy.” Simmar Chawla

“I’ve never been in a show where I have had to do as much generation… any real plot that comes out of [the show] has all come from people in the room. Sure there [was a starting point], but to use that and then transform it into something tangible has been really fun and really exciting.” Kieran O’Baoill

“It’s the most creative I’ve had to be on a show before. Actually writing script…it’s more script than I’ve ever had to write for anything. So I think the creativity and the dynamic between the cast and crew is what’s made it exciting and different for me.” Luca Edwards


Who would you recommend should see this show most?

“The board members of [any corporation in the world]. Anyone at the Last Supper. The 1%.” John Burgess

“Anyone from management. Anyone who has a managing role or marketing role [anywhere].” Luca Edwards

“All people should come to our show. [And] anyone who wants to be really angry at something.” Simmar Chawla

“People who love spending all their money. Anyone and everyone who wants to have a really good time. And people with pet rats too.” Kieran O’Baoill


How has being a part of MUST added to your student experience?

“It’s the only time you see people regularly enough to bond with them… We had pizza together in the city, can you believe.” Simmar Chawla

“It’s the best thing about Monash.” Kieran O’Baoill

“It’s been a fun, creative outlet. A chance to get to know people in a very different way to how you normally would.” Luca Edwards

“One of the deciding factors when I picked between other universities and Monash.” Thu Pham

“Something to do on Friday nights.” John Burgess


What does this show mean for theatre with student performers?

“We’re Banking On It! shows the work that MUST has done to garner such a good reputation… for professional teams to collaborate with student theatre. We’ve gotta keep flying that flag and showcasing the work MUST does.” Kieran O’Baoill

“The only thing we’re not getting out of it is money… and that’s exactly how professionals do it.” John Burgess


Thanks to the participating cast members for their comments.


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