What a rollercoaster it has been for Brooklyn Nine Nine fans.

The news of my favourite TV show’s cancellation hit me like Gina throwing office stationary into Boyle’s face. There was loss, sadness, despair and, in the immortal words of Captain Raymond Holt, “PAIN.” I sent rows upon rows of crying emojis to friends in Facebook Messenger. I experienced all of the stages of grief. There was denial, anger, bargaining and, finally, acceptance. As somebody who was also a fan of Community, I knew that best TV shows are the ones most at risk for sudden cancellation. The brightest flame burns the shortest and all that. I had already accepted, deep down in my heart, that Brooklyn Nine Nine was gone and there was nothing I could do about it when, while I was sitting in the staff room at the end of a shift at work, scrolling through Twitter instead of doing my banking, I saw the news: “NBC Saves Brooklyn Nine Nine Following Outrage Over Cancellation.” I couldn’t believe it. All-caps messages were sent in the housemate group chat. I may have even teared up a little.

So, in the wake of this announcement, there is only one thing left to do.

Everybody, please stand and raise your glasses of Jake Peralta’s favourite orange soda as we count down the top ten episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine everybody should watch while they’re waiting for season six!

Season three, episode nineteen: Terry Kitties

AKA the one where Terry holds teeny tiny kitties!

This episode is amazing because not only does it include a scene in which Jake blows a string of kisses at thee adorable kittens, but because it also contains one of the best Gina lines in the entire series: “Big deal. I worked at a sunglasses kiosk at the mall for four years. So not only have I been through hell, I was assistant manager there.” Iconic.


Season three, episode ten: Yippie Kayak

AKA the one where Jake’s Die Hard fantasy comes to life.

I’m including this episode because it includes one of the funniest moments in the entire series: Jake enlists Gina’s help by promising to get her a picture of shirtless Terry, and they shake hands like tiny, naughty gremlin children.


Season one, episode sixteen: The Party

AKA the one where Terry is the perfect team dad and nobody deserves him.

This episode is great, not only because it marks the first appearance of Kevin Cozner, but also because it shows the entire squad completely floundering at the prospect of interacting appropriately with other adults, leading to a frantic group huddle in which Terry makes them whisper, “One, two, three … be appropriate!”


Season four, episode sixteen: Moo Moo

AKA the one where Hitchcock says, “Get WOKE Scully!”

Brooklyn Nine Nine is not known for being a show that takes itself too seriously, but when it does, it’s done incredibly well. Moo Moo discusses racial profiling in a way that feels thoughtful and meaningful, while still retaining the show’s charm and humour.


Season two, episode twelve: Beach House

AKA the one with six drink Amy!

Dry, deadpan Captain Holt is amazing, but Captain Holt who is very determined to josh around with his colleagues? Even more so.


Season three, episode thirteen: The Cruise

AKA the Doug Judy episode where they’re on a boat!

Out of all the Doug Judy episodes we have been gifted with so far, this one is by far my favourite — Doug Judy sings, tries to help Jake and Amy with their relationship, and causes mischief in international waters. Did I mention this episode takes place on a boat?


Season four, episode eight: Skyfire Cycle

AKA the episode where Captain Holt yells “BONE.”

From the revelation of Terry being a secret fantasy nerd, to DC Parlov being a very thinly-veiled “please don’t sue us, George RR Martin,” to Amy’s adorably frantic “Never MIND, I’m teaching Father the math!” this entire episode is delightful.


Season one, episode six: Halloween

AKA the first heist!

Of course, there was going to be at least one Halloween episode on this list and, after much deliberation, I have settled on the very first one. Who would have known that this one episode would lead to one of the greatest running jokes in Brooklyn Nine Nine?


Season two, episode twenty-three: Johnny and Dora

AKA the one with Peraltiago’s first kiss.

This episode remains one of my all-time favourites, and watching Jake and Amy’s “will they, won’t they?” turn into a resounding “they will!” makes my heart skip a beat — in a good way, not in the Hitchcock having a heart attack way — every time I watch it.


Hopefully, watching these episodes will help pass the time until the next season of Brooklyn Nine Nine arrives. In the meantime, we can wonder which questions the sixth season will answer — will Gina continue her passion for dance? Will Boyle’s culinary escapades continue to delight and disgust us? Will Jake and Amy continue to be adorable? Will we ever learn if Kelly is Scully’s wife or his do

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