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It’s Week 9 here at Monash. We’re getting to the stage where students feel increasingly isolated. Exams are creeping closer, and major assessments are being submitted and returned. Study consumes our daily life, and most of our work is done solo and online, without the help of peers and without physical interaction.

This is a tough time for many students. Issues frequently arise such as the late return of assignments, lack of substantive feedback, limited practice questions and study spaces. Tens of thousands of Monash students believe they have not been provided with the resources and assistance necessary to prepare for final exams.

So, what we can do about it? If you’re not getting a good answer from your lecturer, or if you’re worried about confronting them, there are still several options to explore. The Monash Student Association’s Education (Academic Affairs) Department is here to help. If we can solve an issue quickly, we’ll do it ourselves. If your concern is more complex, we’ll listen closely and direct you to the appropriate support service, whose job it is to improve your experience.

If you need advice or assistance, or just want to chat, send us an email. We’ll get back to you straight away and we’ll make sure you’re ready and confident come exam time.

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