Refunds, repairs and renting – know your rights!

Consumer Affairs Victoria has two new tools to help you know your consumer and renting rights and eliminate stressful situations – so you can focus on your studies and enjoy your social life at uni.

Party for your rights is an interactive online game – by playing, you’ll learn more about your rights and be able to solve issues that arise when shopping.

The aim of the game is not to overload you with information, or make shopping more stressful. Instead, Party for your rights teaches you – in a fun way – about the responsibilities businesses have to you as a consumer.

We all hate seeing `No refunds’ signs at shopping centres – it’s a worry to think you might lose your hard-earned cash on a faulty product. While you don’t necessarily have a right to a refund if you change your mind, if you buy a product that is faulty, you are entitled to a refund – regardless of what the shop says.

By playing Party for your rights, you experience situations that most consumers encounter – and you may be surprised by the rights you actually have.

Did you know…

You have the same legal rights on sale items as you do on full-priced ones if the item is faulty, despite what the store may advertise.

If a product has a major fault, you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund – even if the warranty has expired.

Along with your shopping rights, Consumer Affairs Victoria can also help with information about renting.

Moving out of home can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience. The free RentRight app is designed to put the power back in your hands.

Starting at university may be the first time that you start living independently.

You may even have moved to a new town or city to study, meaning you may be unsure who to go to when an issue arises.

RentRight will help you deal with common renting situations.

No one likes to be in a sticky situation where a dishwasher breaks, your tap leaks, or there are stains on the carpet. By downloading the app, you’ll be carrying a guide to your renting rights in your back pocket.

The RentRight app provides:
– general information about your renting rights
– email templates to help you contact your property manager or landlord, and
– budget calculators to help you calculate your rent and moving-in costs.

Search for RentRight in your iTunes® or GooglePlus™ stores.

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