The Power is in Your Hands.

Have you ever wondered how much energy is being used around the globe? I thought so, but ponder no more! According to Worldometers, approximately 7 billion tonnes of C02 has been emitted so far this year! That’s basically one tonne per person and we’ve only reached March…

Now why is this relevant? Ultimately it is to raise the importance of Earth Hour which is fast approaching at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 29th. Australia is particularly renowned for this growing tradition, having been the founders of Earth Hour back in 2007. Today over 7000 cities worldwide turn off their lights in a global movement for environmental conservation.

This year, Australia has decided to dedicate Earth Hour specifically to our unparalleled World Heritage Area, The Great Barrier Reef. Over recent years, the Reef has been forced to battle the incessant wrath of climate change, industrial development, and dredging & dumping, all of which have taken a detrimental toll on this delicate ecosystem. In an effort to inspire Australians to take pride in the protection of the Reef and lead the way in an international stand for the environment, WWF has put together an extraordinary documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the world’s leading scientists have teamed up with our favourite Aussie icons for this not-to-be-missed special which will be showcased before Earth Hour in a half hour time slot donated by Channel 10. So keep your eyes peeled!
Earth Hour is a great example of how everyone can make a difference, so be a part of a united force for the preservation of the magnificent world in which we live. The power is in your hands – literally!

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