The Science of Thriving

Zoe Elektra

Words by Monash Thrive

Art by Zoe Elektra


There’s an abundance of information at the tips of our fingers telling us how to improve our

mental health: “eat this,” “do this exercise,” “read more,” etc… How do we know what actually works? 

Monash Thrive has you covered! 

They launched their 6-credit point elective unit “The Science of Thriving” this semester. It’s open to all undergraduates, and it’s designed to teach a combination of critical skills and knowledge around mental health and seeking help. It has a bonus professional development benefit, as you can learn skills you can carry into job interviews, such as teamwork, problem solving, and interview skills (all the skills AI will never be able to replace). You can learn how to use industry forward software such as Canva, Microsoft Teams, Zotero, and Trello in the context of your assessments. A bonus is that Monash Thrive is using co-design research methods to tailor the unit to what students need and want to learn about.


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