The voices of Afghan women: A mini essay series

Words by Isabelle Zhu-Maguire

Art by Hella



Reading the news is exhausting and scary. There is never a day  you are not bombarded with information about terrible happenings in the world. 


Scarier still, is all the news stories you hear that go in one ear and out the other. The information  you read and then forget. Just because youforget about a news story, does not mean it stops happening, people will still suffer. 


I organised this essay mini-series for the millions of us who have forgotten. 


You are about to read the opinions of women who are living in Afghanistan. The stories of women who are living in a war-zone that has faded into obscurity in the minds of millions. They are facing an extremist regime where their own faces have been decreed illegal. A regime that allows violence against women to go uninvestigated, untold and untreated. They are being forgotten by many of us in the West who are preoccupied with the other news we read every day. 


Take your time, have a read, and if you are convinced that more needs to be done for these women, do it. Post about their stories on your social media accounts. Share their stories with your friends. Find aid agencies and organise fundraisers. Use your right to free speech and your privilege to advocate for these women who are being systematically silenced. 


These are the voices of Afghan women.

Their stories have been edited and condensed for clarity.


Afghan girls deprived of going to school

Voices of Hope

Their guns and my art plate

Afghan Women back to the limbo

Educational and Economic Perspective of Afghan Women During the Past 20 years

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