This poem and artwork were both first published in Lot’s Wife Edition 3, 2021.

Content warning: pandemic.


I am sitting in my balcony as I write this. Like the sky, my mind is gloomy. 


I’m thinking about those who’ve lost their lives and those who had to watch them leave. Helpless cries and screams that I hear through my screen. It’s hard to believe, because I’m safe and privileged and away from reality. 


So, have I experienced a pandemic? I’d say no! Because a yes would be a slap in the face to millions, and I’m not ready to commit that crime.


But if you tell me I’m undamaged, 

don’t you dare!

Because the damage is within me. 


It’s an eternal return with no escape

It’s a puzzle and a test 

Is it a curse or am I blessed


To be safe during a pandemic

When you wonder, why me?

You wonder if it’s gloom or glee. 


Blurry photo of a busy train platform and escalators.

Photo by Shrusti Mohanty.

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